Being overweight can sometime decrease our confidence, even when other people don’t seem to notice. The people around use don’t act any differently, but because we are painfully aware, it feels like they are focused on our weight than what they actually are. It’s psychological, all in our heads, but in most cases we actually get a physical reaction – a hot flush of embarrassment, heart pounding, shame…

As we all know, being overweight can also lead to several frightening diseases and illness. As women, we start to panic (I do) if our weight increases. We have tried, and will continue to try, hundreds of different ways to achieve the ideal body. Instead of following fads and junk science, let’s break down exactly what works when it comes to weight loss.

Ways to Lose Weight #1 – Workouts

Yes, I know. You’ve read it before. But it’s unavoidable. Achieving the ideal body does not happen overnight. It is a process. It happens slowly, over time. And that’s why many of us quit before we get the results we’re after – if we aren’t seeing any results, it’s hard to stay motivated. The key is try to make your workouts fun, by doing it with your friends, your husband, your children or other family members. It will impact your loved ones and also yourself. Think positive girls. Besides, it was also make you healthier and help you to live a longer and happier life.

It’s depressingly simple. To shape your body permanently, you just have to change you food habits and workouts. Regular workouts will make a significant impact to your body because stored fats will be burned off. It’s calories in vs calories out – when you burn off more than you consume, you will lose weight.

Fats build up, not only because of our food habits, but because of the lazy habits we’ve adopted. When was the last time you took the stairs up those two flights, instead of the elevator? See what I mean?

Ways to Lose Weight #2 – Healthy Diet

Adopt a healthy diet with simple changes to your food-consuming habits. Choose low fat foods, change the ways you cook your foods (boiled or baked, not fried) and try to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. Again, this is part of the process – it’s not an overnight thing. But eating more whole foods means you can actually eat more food (and feel fuller for longer) and still lose weight. Eating unhealthy food, which is often packed with unhealthy calories, means you need to eat less to come in under your daily quota, and therefore you will feel hungry.

Keep in mind that your healthy choices will also impact on your loved ones. My family now feels healthier after we changed the menu and cooking methods. Isn’t that great? And how about you? Are you ready to change?

Ways to Lose Weight #3 – Enough Rest and Sleep

Another cause of being overweight is not getting enough sleep. When you are tired, your body is not running as efficiently as it should be. The fact is that people who don’t get enough sleep tend to be carry more extra weight then those who are getting enough. It is recommended that we all get 8 hours sleep every single day. That said, I personally haven’t slept 8 continuous hours since the kids were born! But I make sure to get rest. Have a nap on the weekend, go to bed early and read rather than watch TV, and get off social media!

Ways to Lose Weight #4 – Reduce Stress

Similar to getting enough sleep, people who are stressed tend to carry more weight than those who are not. Studies show that stress has a physiological effect on the body. Put another way, the way you feel – your emotional state – can physically changes how your body works.

A positive outlook will support your healthy diet and weight loss plan. It’s not always that simple, but it’s worth noting. If someone told you were fat, don’t immediately get sad or defensive. You have a choice over how you react in a situation like this. With a positive mindset, you might tell yourself that you were lucky to have someone care enough to notice and comment about your condition. On a slightly less positive note (but still better than getting depressed), who f*cking cares what that person says!?

Ways to Lose Weight #5 – Consume the Right Herbs

Asian cultures are not only known for their spicy foods, but also for their healing herbs. Many herbs have the ability to increase our body’s metabolism, burn fat and reduce weight. Some examples of the herbs were Ginger, Cinnamon, Saffron, Cardamom and Caraway. I will endeavor to write more on the subject, but in the meantime, search the web to learn how to use herbs to support your weight loss journey.

Ways to Lose Weight #6 – Massages

Massage is an excellent, and often neglected, tool for weight loss. Massage increases your body’s metabolism and helps stimulate the blood flow in fatty areas of your body. Increasing blood flow to these areas helps detoxify, as the blood carries away the unwanted toxins and breaks down fatty structures. A regular massage will effectively contribute to your weight loss plan.

Ways to Lose Weight #7 – Reduce your Portion Size

Unless you’re paying attention, it’s easy to over-eat. Even when you’re eating healthily, if your portion size is too large, you will inadvertently consume more calories than you expect, and wonder why you aren’t dropping the pounds.

Ideally, you should be tracking your macros. And you can’t do that unless you weigh your food, and understand exactly how much fat, protein and carbohydrates you are consuming in each meal.

But if you won’t want to go to that extreme, try dishing up what you would normally have eaten, and then put 10-20% back. Alternatively, replace that 10-20% of your normal meal with fresh, raw vegetables. They will fill you up, without adding unwanted fats to your daily intake.

Ways to Lose Weight #8 – Avoid Carbonated Beverages (soda and soft drinks)

Carbonated drinks are the best (worst?) way to ruin your diet and weight loss plan. A can of soda or soft drink contains more or less 250 calories, and all of that comes from sugar. Think about it – how quickly can you drink a can of soda? I can’t think of any other food which would deliver so many calories into your system so quickly…

Avoid these types of beverages, not just because they are unhealthy, but because they can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Ways to Lose Weight #9 – Reduce and Avoid Fried Foods

To maximize your chances of weight loss progress, some foods need to be avoided. It’s best if you can to reduce (or even avoid altogether) fried and processed foods. The main reason is that these kinds of foods are loaded with trans-fats, which are the first (and worst) fats to be stored in your body.

Whenever possible, replace fried food with boiled or steamed foods. Or, at a pinch, baked or roasted / broiled. But never deep fried. If you have a deep fryer, remove it from your kitchen and forget you ever had it!

Ways to Lose Weight #10 – Drink (more) Water

When you become dehydrated, your body’s metabolism is impacted and it’s easier for your body to store fats and toxins. When you are well-hydrated, your body can flush them out of your system. It is recommended you  drink enough waters at least 8 glasses of waters daily.

They are lots of ways to loss weight. There’s no shortage of advice on the web these days. And honestly, they are probably right. But what makes your outcome different from someone else’s is you. Will you commit to the process? Can you do it without even considering stopping halfway?

Discipline is the key. If you able to be disciplined, and stick to the process, then it won’t be long before you achieve that healthy, ideal body. You could also have an impact to your loved ones and those around you because of your positive habits. A healthy body and a positive outlook? Why not!?

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