Types of Hair Extensions

Types of Hair Extensions You Should Know

Types of Hair Extensions | Clip On Type

Clip on type hair extensions usually doesn’t sell by salon or hairstyle corner you usually attend but you could buy it at near beauty shop. You just have to clip it to use it.

The clip on type hair extensions usually sell with various sizes, they are :

# 10” size clip on hair extensions

# 14” size clip on hair extensions

# 15” size clip on hair extensions

"types of hair extensions"# 16” size clip on hair extensions

# 19” size clip on hair extensions

# 22” size clip on hair extensions

# 25“size clip on hair extensions

Besides the sizes you could also pick the hair types either it was straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair. The clip on part was going to be the part that connects and blend with your original hair. Not only in a small part because you could find the clip on hair extensions in ponytail shaped.


Applying the clip on hair extensions was also simple because you only need to make a straight horizontal line and wrap it up. Put the clip on starting from the lowest layer of your hair and continue with the side of your hair.

Types of Hair Extensions | Braid Fusion

The other popular ways to get hair extensions were with braid the hair.

"types of hair extensions"

The hair that used as the extension was half and insert into the braid frame. After you get into your natural hair you could slice it into 3 parts and start braiding your hair.

Types of Hair Extensions | Weaves

Weaves hair extensions was the hair extensions methods that do by blending the hair. This method was the most popular to use in Afro type of hair. The method could stand for about 2 months and could easily to manage just like when you choosing real hair extensions.

"types of hair extensions"

Types of Hair Extensions | Integration

This was the hair extension method that uses a pin-hat on the placement. The method was like mixing and blending nylon web that pinned on top of the head skins, the natural hair was pulled on it and mixed with synthetic hair. This kind of hair extension usually did at the salon or beauty treatment. Not like other hair extensions the integration usually did to women that have thin hair or have high levels on hair loss.

After the extensions placed you should also pay attention on how to treat it. You should comb it with a wide gap comb and do it slowly. You should also wash your hair every 2-3 days and use hair moisturizer to keep it healthy. Don’t ever use based silicone wax or moisturizer because you could loosen the connected pin-hat.

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