Short Hairstyles and Urban Fashion Tips

For young women’s that have lots of activities and want to try a new haircuts and hairstyles then you should try for short urban hairstyles. In this occasion we would try to review several urban short hairstyles that would be fun to try and gorgeous for your new looks. So lets start it shall we girls.

1. Urban Short Hairstyles | The Pixie Cut

Pixie cut would be felt like a last year short hairstyles trends, but you must know the reason why we choose the pixie cut as our first short hairstyles to review.

"Short Hairstyles | Cute-pixie-cut-styles-2013"The pixie cut was first seen used by Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow at the sixties (probably the role model used by my mom :D) and now the pixie cut was used (again) by several female celebs like Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Carey Mulligan and of course Anne Hathaway.

Pixie cut was perfect for women that have thick and natural curly hair, but it also suitable for straight hair owner. This short hairstyle was match for all kinds of face shapes (especially round, square, hearts or oval shaped face). But if you are including into the long shaped face owner then you should consider taking another short hairstyles, why? Because the pixie cut would only making your face longer (that was my tips).

2. Urban Short Hairstyles | The Pompadour

This is the latest trend for urban short hairstyles in 2013. Yes, we call it the pompadour or we also call it the “fauxhawk hairstyle”.

The hairstyle was get by cutting all the sides (almost all) but with keeping and makes the edges stack like a rooster (see picture for example). Female celebs that applied the pompadour short hairstyle were Miley Cyrus and Pink."Short Hairstyles | The Pompadour"

You could take the short hairstyle if you are funk and brave enough to get other attentions. You just simply customize it with your face and head shape for the best result. So, dare enough to be different?


3. Urban Short Hairstyles | The Bob

The Hits on the short hairstyles charts from time to time because Bob hairstyle never left behind the trend but it was adapt with the trend flows. The latest trends for Bob hairstyle was the “Messy Bob” , a messy mixed up short hairstyle with edges was next or a little bit longer than the chin (see picture below)."Short Hairstyles | Bob-short-hair"

Put a little thick hairstyle and you would look fresh then before. Who else’s could use the Bob hairstyle? Well, for you who had long neck and lovely jaws then you would be lovely taking any models of the cut. But if you were a round shaped face owner then it would suitable for you to take a longer cut passing your chin (about your neck would be fine).

4. Urban Short Hairstyles | The Demi – Bob Cut

Demi-Bob or the long Bob hairstyle was Bob hairstyle that have the edge cut on the neck or right on the shoulder. You could make lots of variation based on the demi-bob hairstyle like adding more layers on the back to get dimension effects or adding some front ponies cut to get a retro seventies hairstyle."Short Hairstyles | Demi Bob"

But you should remember not to give too much layers on the demi-bob because if you do then you didn’t get the demi-bob hairstyle (see picture above). You could also make it a little wavy by giving it a little curly blows effect on the based demi-bob hairstyles.

The short hairstyles wasn’t recommended for you who didn’t want to get a surprise effect on the result especially if you are previously a long hair owner. Short hairstyles were made for urban, brave and fresh women who dare to cross the other side of perspective and trends. So, are you ready to get your own short hairstyles?

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