Natural Sweetener that’s friendly to your Weights

8 Natural Sweetener that doesn’t add more weights

Sugar and other sweetener products keep become the cause for overweight’s, obesity and hypertension problem.  It was never proven to be true but several type of sugar was have the potential to increase the cholesterol levels and the calories that known danger for our health.

Knowing those basic thoughts several people were quickly migrate to consume more healthy sugar type called the natural sweetener. But, don’t you really know what kinds of natural sweetener that really safe for our body and doesn’t adding more weights? Well, read along to fond out more about it.

"natural sweetener"

1. Blackstrap Molasses

It was a syrup that made from sugarcane that been boiled for about 3 times. Have a strong sweet taste and could become a good partner for your oatmeal’s and cereals.

2. Fructose

Made from fruits and more sweet than usual sugar. It was usually sell on big retail supermarket in sand form.

3. Barley Malt Syrup

The syrup was made from roasted barley and cooked until become syrup. The malt taste was perfect for squash sweetener and sweet taste sauces.

4. Honeys

Honey was the most popular natural sweetener. The delicious sweet taste from flower essence made by the bees was also contains lots of nutrition’s and not make you overweight’s if you consume it wisely.


5. Stevia

This herbal plant has the natural sweet taste and used for centuries by the Indian as their sweetener. Now the stevia was called as the replacement for sugarcane and could find in local herbal shop in liquid or powder shapes.

6. Date Palm Syrup

Natural sweetener that made from crushed dried date palm fruits. High for iron, potassium and vitamin. Have lighter sweet taste from original honeys.

7. Fruit Juice Concentrate

Made from original fruit juice and you could get it in your nearest local supermarket. Have different and custom taste depends on the fruits chosen, known also for the high nutrition’s.

8. Maple syrup

Boiled essence until becomes syrup from the maple tree. It was also known for the high calcium contains on the syrup.

"natural sweetener"