It’s Time to Lighten Up Those Beautiful Lips

Not all female have the cute beautiful pink lips because the different conditions of environment, different kinds of daily nutrition’s and different daily behaviors. But that doesn’t means you couldn’t get the best of your lips and that is why we here to give you several suggestions to get it.

Our lips were one of the best features for become a woman. Reddish soft lips would make us look more attractive but in the reality not all women have those kinds of lips. There are lots of things that could make our lips faded and darker like smoking, tea and coffee consumptions, applying cheap and expired lipstick, sunlight and less moisturizer to the lips itself. Those things could become the main cause for the lost of the original lips color.

"how to lighten lips"

But don’t worry, that is why we create this article because the problem could be solved. Yes, we have the answer for the “how to lighten lips question”. Lets find out how shall we girls.


Lemons could worked as natural lighten ingredients for your lips, here are the step to create your own lemons lighten lips formula.

# Mix 2 table spoon of lemon juices with two table spoon of honeys

# Apply the mix to both upper and lower lips

# Let it for about 15 minutes and wash it with warm waters


Coriander/Cilantro Leaves

Coriander leaf is good to fade the dark color on your lips. How to lighten lips with the leaves? Here are the step to create the coriander leaves lighten lips formula.

# Blend 2 leaf of coriander leaves with little water

# Apply to your lips and let it for 20 minutes

# Wash it with warm waters

Almond Oils

Like above mention if our lips could fade and become dark because there are less moisturizer inside the lips itself. The good news is almond oils could increase the lips moisture levels. Follow the step below to moisturize your lips with almond oils.

# Wipe the almond oils every single night before you go to bed

# For maximum result you could also combine the almond oils with the honeys and lemon juices

# You could also exchange the almond oils with olive oils

How to Lighten Lips | 3 Ways to Lighten Up Your Beautiful Lips