Every woman must be wanted to get her lips look attractive. But it would be different if you are having dark and color faded lips. There are several reasons that become the cause for the dark and faded lips like we mention in our previous article “How to Lighten Lips | 3 Ways to Lighten Up Your Beautiful Lips” like over consume coffee and tea, expired lipstick and others. In the article we give you simple step on how to naturally lighten your lips with 3 lighten lips formulas. Now we give several suggestions and tips to make your lips lighten and look more natural, so keep reading girls.

Healthy Tips to Lighten the Lips Naturally

1. Watch Your Lips Conditions and Cleanness

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The skin in our lips was included into area that having 3 times more sensitive than any other skins parts. Because of this reason then it should better for you to watch and care about the lips cleanness like brushing it with a soft and gentle brush. By doing this simple activity each time before you go to bed you just start doing the basic lips cleanness with removing the dead and dried skins cells around the lips.

"how to lighten lips | watch your lipstick"2. Choosing the correct Lipstick

How to choose the correct lipstick? You could start it with choosing lipstick with fewer chemicals as the ingredients, this step was needed to make sure that your lips doesn’t go any darker because the wrong lipstick you choose. Rule number one, choose the right lipstick and watch for the expire label.

Try to wipe a little lipstick on your back part of your hand and seek for any irritations and reactions. If nothing happen then you could choose it but if it does give your hands little reactions (itches and such) then I suggest you choose another lipstick even if the lipstick was cheaper than others.

3. Take benefits from Coconut Milk

Lots of people believe that coconut milk could lighten the lips and make it more beautiful. You could wipe it to your lips everyday’s to get the softness and maximum benefits from it. You could also read our article later to get more information’s about the coconut milk benefits (we working on it :D).

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4. Lemon Juices

Lemon juices were also known for the ability to lighten and make the lips softer once you applied it every single night. Here is how you should apply it.

5. Honeys

Honeys were having lots of benefits and one of them is the ability to lighten up your lips. You could try to wipe it to your lips and give them a little massage for about 10 minutes. Seek the different after one week you apply the honey lighten lips method.

6. Coriander Leaves

Coriander leaves have very strong ability to loose your dark and faded colors on the lips. Here is how you apply it to your lips.

Making your lips reddish and more attractive wasn’t easy as expected. But with a routine and scheduled task I believe you could vanish the dark and faded color in your lips. Hope this article could help you answer the “how to lighten lips” question. There is nothing impossible once you want and getting it hard.

Keep those lips shine girls.

How to Lighten Lips | 6 Healthy Tips to Lighten the Lips